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2 Steps to Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Engagement Ring

If you’re planning on proposing to your other half this Valentine’s Day – in two easy steps you can buy the engagement ring of her dreams.

Two Steps to the Perfect Ring

With our latest online technology you have the ability to completely create your own diamond engagement ring by selecting the ring setting style and the diamond or in some cases diamonds for the setting.

Selecting the Setting

Selecting the setting depends on your taste and the style you want. The main three setting types are solitaire – the diamond is set singularly on a band, Diamond shoulder set – small diamonds are set on the shoulder of the band, three stone – three diamonds are set across the band and a halo style ring – where the centre diamond is surrounded by a border of small diamonds.

Choosing the Diamond

The harder and more technical part is choosing the diamond. To do this you have to learn about the four C’s of a diamond – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. After doing this our diamond selector tool makes it easy to pick out the grades you want depending on the quality and the budget you have set. Cut – This is probably the most important characteristic of a diamond that determines the amount of light that reflects through the stone to give it its sparkle. Colour – This refers to the lack of colour in the diamond to grade its whiteness. D is the highest colour grade and Z is the lowest – which has visible yellow tints. Clarity – This is a measurement of any blemishes or imperfections that diamond might have – depending on the grade any marks are usually only visible through magnification but can affect the quality of the stone. Carat Weight – This is a measurement of the diamonds weight in carats, and doesn’t always reflect the size of the diamond. Most diamonds for engagement rings are divided into points of a carat with one carat being equal to 100 points.

Popular Engagement Ring Settings

So if you’re ready to pop the big question in time for Valentine’s Day, here are some of the most popular styles of engagement rings we sell at Steven Stone. The Classic Solitaire

Shoulder Set Band

Three Stone Design

Halo Diamond Style