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Start With A Diamond

Steven Stone has been an authority on diamonds since 1937. We are only too happy to share with you our expertise and help you source the perfect diamond for your fine jewellery. Proud to offer every all types of diamond cut, colour, shape and variety, all of our stones are GIA certificated for peace of mind and transparency.

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Loose Diamonds

Our advanced diamond search tool lists all loose diamond stones currently available for sale globally. User-friendly functionality enables you to customise a gem search based on a diamond’s price, carat, colour and clarity.

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Loose Diamonds Loose Diamonds

Colour Diamonds

Rare and captivating, coloured diamonds are perfect for creating a truly statement piece. Typically more expensive than white diamonds, Steven Stone is able to source coloured diamonds to suit all requirements. Contact one of our diamond experts if you cannot find what you are searching for online.

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Diamonds Colour Diamonds Colour

Diamond Pairs

If you are seeking more than one diamond, our diamond search tool can automatically match stones of identical quality and uniformity. This is important if you require a set of stones to be set into a pair of earrings or several diamonds for a cluster detail on a ring.

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Diamonds Pairs Diamonds Pairs

Lab Created Diamonds

Steven Stone is pleased to offer lab grown diamonds, also referred to as synthetic diamonds or man-made diamonds. These stones are not mined from the ground but produced under controlled conditions. Considered to be a more environmentally responsible choice, a lab created diamond has the exact same physical and atomical qualities as a mined diamond.

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Lab Created Diamonds

Crisscut Diamonds

The crisscut emerald is a rare cut diamond that features a crisscrossing arrangement that reveals extra facets within the diamond. This unique facet pattern increases the brilliance and fire, engaging the eye, and leaving a lasting impression on anyone looking at the diamond.

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Crisscut Diamonds

The New Crisscut Diamond

New to the market, the exclusive CrissCut diamond is similar in appearance to an emerald cut but extremely rare. The CrisscCut is unique in the way that its multitude of crisscrossed facets allows more light to be reflected through the stone, making it brighter and dramatically more sparkling than other any other cut of diamond.

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Crisscut Diamonds

Create Your Own

Create your own diamond pendant, ring, earrings or buy loose from a list of our GIA certified diamonds.

  • Round Diamonds Round
  • Radiant Diamonds Radiant
  • Princess Diamonds Princess
  • Pear Diamonds Pear
  • Oval Diamonds Oval
  • Marquise Marquise
  • Heart Diamonds Heart
  • Emerald Diamonds Emerald
  • Cushion Diamonds Cushion
  • Asscher Diamonds Asscher

“Excellent service provided by experts. I’ve recently purchased an engagement ring. I found the search facilities on the website very useful. After narrowing down my search, I spoke to an expert on the phone. He gave me honest advice, which catered to my needs.”

Feefo Feefo Review Stars Based off 850+ reviews

“Excellent service, took time to find out exactly what I wanted, helped with their expertise to guide me towards my final choice in diamond, incredibly pleased with the end product and would recommend them and use again.”

Feefo Feefo Review Stars Based off 850+ reviews

“The staff at steven and stone were extremely helpful in selecting the perfect diamond and ring for my engagement. with such a wide variety of diamonds to choose from, I was explained clearly the characteristics of the diamond and what I was getting for it. many thanks to all the staff there.”

Feefo Feefo Review Stars Based off 850+ reviews

“Absolutely fantastic customer service! They were really caring and invested in helping me find the perfect diamond and everything went so smoothly and efficiently. Would recommend to anyone!”

Feefo Feefo Review Stars Based off 850+ reviews

“We loved the personalised service and the help we got in choosing the very best diamond in our budget. My engagement ring is beautiful.”

Feefo Feefo Review Stars Based off 850+ reviews


Round brilliant diamonds are the most sought-after. The classic halo setting is very popular for engagement rings, whereby a large central diamond is surrounded by a circular collection of smaller pavé diamonds.

Clarity: The visual appearance of a diamond is assessed through internal characteristics known as inclusions and blemishes. The GIA has an 11-point grading system ranging from ‘Flawless’ at the top of the scale, to ‘Included’ for those with imperfections.

Cut: The way that a diamond is cut is crucial to how it interacts with the light. A stone’s facets are analysed to evaluate how successfully a diamond transmits three qualities: brightness, fire and scintillation.

Colour: The higher the absence of colour in a white diamond, the greater the value of the diamond. Colour distinctions can be so subtle that they are often invisible to the untrained eye.

Carat: A carat refers to a unit of weight; 200 milligrams equals 1 carat. As larger diamonds are rarer and so more desirable, the higher the carat of a diamond, the greater its value.

Steven Stone is proud to only offer diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), an independent, non-profit organisation that is the global authority on diamond grading and gem identification. Each stone comes with a report card detailing the specific analysis carried out on a diamond of any shape or size above 1 carat and features a comprehensive assessment of a stone’s 4Cs. Such grading measures enables the customer to competently compare stones like for like.

These are diamonds sourced responsibly and ethically and which do not support any illegal activities, such as financing war or terror groups. Conflict free stones can be traced back to their origin.

Also referred to as lab grown diamonds, synthetic diamonds and man-made diamonds, these are stones produced not through mining, but in laboratories under controlled conditions. Considered to be a more environmentally responsible choice, a lab created diamond has the exact same physical and atomical qualities as a mined diamond.

At Steven Stone we believe that the cut of the diamond is the most important. When a diamond is cut well it increases the sparkle and the overall look and impact of the stone.

We are well-known for our competitively priced, GIA certified diamonds. Having been in the diamond trading industry for more than 80 years, we are highly knowledgeable when it comes to the pricing of diamonds and this means that we can offer stones at up to 60% less than our competitors.

Steven Stone has built relationships with trusted diamond suppliers over the past 80 years. All our diamonds come with GIA certificates so that we can trace their origin.


We only sell GIA diamonds, as unlike other grading labs, GIA is a non-profit organisation and the most respected diamond grading laboratories.

Supports Community Development

Steven Stone donate to programs that are dedicated to improving human rights and environmental practices in our industry.

The Kimberley Process

Steven Stone goes beyond the Kimberley Process to guarantee it only trades with conflict free, ethically sourced diamonds.

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