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The elegance and Beauty of Baguette Diamond Wedding Rings

Baguette diamond weddings are the perfect choice for those who love the vintage, art deco and art nouveau fashion movements of the 1920’s and 1930s. The cut of the baguette shaped diamond was created in this period, mainly to be set into dress jewellery. The cut of the baguette diamond is similar to other square and rectangular shaped diamonds, such as the emerald cut diamond. The baguette cut diamond is an elongated, rectangular shaped diamond with square corners and consists of step-cut rows parallel to the table of the diamond. Baguette diamonds are popular set as side stones on a diamond ring or engagement ring as their shape fits perfectly on the shoulders of a ring. However, baguette diamonds look elegant and classis set the full diameter of a wedding ring as its shape appear like one lone diamond set all the way around the ring.

18 Carat White Gold Baguette Diamond Wedding Ring

baguette diamond wedding
18 carat white gold baguette diamond wedding

This is a classic style of baguette diamond wedding ring similar to the wedding ring Marilyn Monroe received from Joe Dimaggio. The baguette diamonds on this wedding ring are channel set update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = in-between the metal) half way around the 18 carat white gold shank.

18 Carat Yellow Gold Double Row Baguette Diamond Wedding band

18 carat white gold double row baguette diamond wedding

18 carat white gold double row baguette diamond wedding

Here the baguette diamonds are channel set across two rows of the diamond wedding ring in 18 carat white gold. The diamonds are also only set half way around the wedding ring. The baguette diamond was named after the French word “baguette” for a long, narrow loaf of bread they call a baguette as the diamond shape is a similar cut.

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