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The Stunning Diamond Cut Down Setting

One of the most popular settings for diamond set shoulder engagement rings and halo diamond ring styles is the stunning cut down setting. This is because of the beautiful way it displays small round brilliant cut from different angles of the ring design. The cut down setting style is basically where round brilliant cut diamonds are set with no edge so the shape of the stone can be seen from the side angle of the rings band. The stones are usually set with four beads of metal that secure them in place. The style is especially popular for shoulders of an engagement ring or for diamond set wedding rings, particularly for those brides to be who love thin elegant diamond bands. The look of the setting showcases a classic and traditional look that makes the stones look extra dazzling as light passes through from different angles. Below are a couple of examples of cut down diamond settings on halo diamond engagement rings. A pear shaped halo diamond ring with a surrounding cut down setting and diamonds on the shoulders made in 18ct white gold.Cut down diamond setting Cut down diamond setting This beautiful rose gold halo diamond ring also has stunning round brilliant cut diamonds beautifully held in cut down settings. Cut down diamond setting Cut down diamond setting

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