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The Perfect Combination – Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the most popular alternatives to the diamond engagement ring style is adding a blue Sapphire to the design. Blue sapphires make the perfect stone to complement a dazzling diamond, not only for their beautiful, blue colour but for their associated meaning. The colour blue symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom and faith – which is the perfect combination for a marriage proposal. Sapphires are the most precious and valuable stones after and is a desirable gemstone due to its excellent colour, hardness, durability and luster. These two different styles of the desirable Sapphire and diamond engagement ring depict how beautiful this combination works well together using different shapes and diamond colours. Both designs feature a three stone ring setting which is a popular way to set multiple gemstones. Sapphire and diamond engagement ring Sapphire and diamond engagement ring For more information on these ring designs and to see similar styles visit our Steven Stone website.

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