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Home The Blog45.5-Carat "Golden Eye Diamond" Sold on the Internet


45.5-Carat "Golden Eye Diamond" Sold on the Internet

The “Golden Eye” 45.5-carat diamond has sold for $2.84 million update `wp_posts` set `post_content` = 1.78m) in an on-line auction to a married couple from Tomball County, USA. The 43.5-carat, Canary Yellow Golden Eye Diamond is listed number four of the top ten notable diamonds and is claimed to be the world’s largest in its cut and colour. The internally flawless yellow diamond once belonged to business and con-man – Paul Monea, and was confiscated from by FBI around five years ago. The diamond was put up for auction on the on-line auction site – Bid4Assets. The buyer of the diamond was tracked back to a married couple from Cortland named Jerre and Donah Hentosh. Jerre Hentosh decided to place a bid for the diamond on-line, even though he stated that he had never brought anything online before. The couple said that in the past they have bought and sold diamonds, gold, silver, and saw this magnificently rare diamond as a great opportunity. The diamond gem became property of the federal government, when it was confiscated from Paul Monea after a money laundering investigation. Along with Mickey Miller, Monea sold the diamond and mike Tyson's former house in Trumbull County for to an undercover FBI agent who was acting as a drug dealer. Jerre Hentosh stated - “We haven’t decided what we’re going to do with it yet; it’s a speculative purchase,” said the 63-year-old Hentosh. Maybe they will have the diamond set it in a diamond ring or as a drop diamond pendant for Donah Hentosh to wear. The proceeds of the unique, rare diamond will partly go towards the investigation of Monea and Miller and stay with the Marshals Service.