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Brazil's Gems

We don’t know about you, but here we have really got into the Olympic spirit watching the amazing 2016 games in Rio. These awe inspiring athletes competing at the top of their game and representing their country's with pride.

And what about the host nation? A colourful country that absolutely encapsulates the party spirit. After all, it is the home of the Samba. Brazil is also home to some of the worlds most beautiful gemstones, so what are they and what makes us love them so?


There is something extra special about the intense green colour of the emerald, it really is a stone that draws attention no matter which setting it is in.

The emerald is seen to represent the colour of constant love as well as being a signal of life. This means that emeralds can not only make the perfect gem choice for a ring, but also fit the theme of an eternity ring too.

Brazil is known to be amongst the leading countries that trade in emeralds; producing intensely coloured gem.


Moving away from the impactful green of the emerald we have the rather subtler, yet still as beautiful, light blue of the aquamarine stone.

This stone has increased in popularity over recent times and has been seen as the stone of choice for a variety of necklaces, bracelets and even engagement rings.

As Brazil is the best place to find these beautiful stones it comes as no surprise that the country holds the aquamarine very close to their heart.

It is a symbol of friendship, of a long and happy marriage as well as being a lucky charm to bring wealth. A truly powerful stone.


Morganites as they have become known as over the past 100 years are a light pink stone which can have a hint of orange in some variations. They too are found in Brazil.

It has risen in popularity over this time as it is a feminine and delicate stone which looks perfect when placed into an intricate necklace or ring. Many people believe that Morganites showcase tenderness and charm, shining brightly and allowing us to see the good in even the darkest days.


Rather than being set to one colour; tourmalines come in a real variety of different shades. In fact, such is their diverse colouring that the Egyptians believed that tourmaline gems passed over a rainbow during their journey from the centre of the Earth and absorbed all of its colours.

No two tourmalines are the same, making a perfect gemstone for a lady that loves the idea of having something utterly unique. Whilst it is found around the world, Brazil provides a large slice of the tourmaline supply to the rest of the world.

These are just some of the gems that Brazil have to offer, each stone has its own beauty and appeal. Why not consider having one of these gems to create a stunning piece of jewellery that you will want to treasure long after the games are finished and all medals won.


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