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Earrings style guide - Choosing the right pair

Earrings are amongst the first accessories to be worn by men and women around the globe since ancient times. While countless design and style options are great, it can get a bit frustrating. Trying to match your earrings to on outfit or find the perfect pair to wear to that special occasion might be nerve-wrecking, especially if you want your earrings to be the statement accessory. Although they cold be subtle and small, earrings frame the face and draw the beholder's attention. To help you find the perfect pair, we bring you the earrings style guide, with all you need to know about dressing up your outfit and finishing your looks.

drop earrings styleDrop earrings

are an eye-catching statement piece. For a balanced look we recommend a combination of dazzling drop earrings and subtle minimalist accessories. Depending on your style and personal preferences, find a length and design which suits your wardrobe and lifestyle. Wearing drop earrings is not recommended when being physically active, especially if there is a chance of your earrings getting tangled and causing an injury. This earring style is suitable for all face shapes and its prolonged design elongates the face and the neck. If your face is round, opt for geometric designs and vice versa – pick round drop earring designs to soften your features. Pearl drop earrings perfectly compliment any casual or business outfit, while eccentric colours and designs add glamour to a formal dress. Drop earrings are the most versatile in design and always add an elegant and feminine finishing touch.

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Stud earrings

are an absolute must have accessory, suitable for all occasions and styles. Diamond studs are a brilliant classic accessory – they aren’t going out of fashion any time soon and will sparkle for years to come. Pearl studs are the ultimate feminine piece, the perfect universal gift for women of all ages. To fully enhance stud earrings, reveal your face in an ponytail or any updo hairstyle. To fully draw the attention to your stud earrings, wear combination of tied hair and a bare shoulders. Since stud earrings can make the face appear rounder and enhance the cheeks, the style is recommended for ladies with diamond or heart shaped faces.earrings style guide image pearls

Hoop Earrings

are one of the very first earring designs to be worn by men and women in tribes in India, Polynesia and South America. To add a classy upgrade to the retro chic hoop earrings, we recommend diamond embellished styles. If you would prefer the classic plain metal version, make sure that the colour matches your tan. For warm skin tones we recommend rose and yellow gold and for cool skin tones – silver, platinum and white gold. You can add your little touch and personalise your pair by adding charms or beads into the hoops. As for the hoop size, medium sized earrings with diameter about 2 inches are the most commonly made hoops. For a more dramatic look, select thicker and larger hoops or small and discreet pair to wear on a daily basis.

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Men’s earrings

Men’s earrings designs are less versatile than the options for ladies, but there are plenty of selections to choose from. A classic and trendy options are the single diamond stud or single ear-hugging hoop. Increasingly popular are dangle earrings for men – less subtle and eye-catching, suitable for casual outfits and informal occasions. To match the earrings to your outfit, make sure they don’t draw too much attention and match your clothing style. We always recommend choosing precious metals such as platinum and gold, as other metals may cause allergic reactions and blacking.