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Styles of Diamond Shoulder Set Engagement Rings

Diamonds placed on the shoulders of an engagement ring beautifully enhance the striking appearance of the centre diamond. If you want the timeless look of a solitaire style diamond ring, with extra sparkle and glamour, diamond set shoulders are perfect. There’s various ways to set small diamonds on the shoulders of a band, so in today’s post we want to share our four favourite ways to set a row of diamonds.

Pavé Ser Diamond Shoulders

diamond set shoulder engagement ring This is the most classic way to set diamonds on the shoulders of a band. The diamonds sit elegantly close together within tiny beads. As the diamonds are set low and close together, the surface has that diamond encrusted, frosted look with a dramatic, brilliant finish.

Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring Shoulders

diamond shoulder engagement rings Like the name suggests, the diamonds are set in a channel or row, and secured by vertical metal walls. The look in contemporary and the diamonds appear to be set in one long row, as there is no metal in between.

Cut down Set Shoulders

diamond set shoulder engagement rings This style works perfectly on the shoulders of a thin band, as there is no visible strip of metal on the side of the stones. The diamonds are set in ‘cuts’ in the metal and can be clearly seen from the side angle of the ring.

Diamond Set on the Top and Side of the Shoulders

If you want a more extravagant look for your diamond set ring, pavé setting diamonds on both the top and sides of the ring adds extra sparkle and brilliance. The look boasts a vintage style and works perfectly with all diamond shapes. diamond set shoulder rings All theses setting styles for diamond set shoulder engagement rings look great accenting different diamond shapes and can be set in the precious metal of your choice.