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The Jonker Diamond

The famous Jonker diamond was discovered by Johannes Jacobus Jonker in 1934 at the Elandsfontein mine in South Africa. The diamond was found just 5 km away from the Cullian Diamond – the largest diamond ever mined.     When the diamond was first mined in the rough it weighed a huge 726 carats and cut into 13 pieces which were each individually cut. Most of the 13 diamonds were cut into emerald cut diamonds with the largest weighing 142.90 carats and the smallest weighing 3.53 carats.       The largest diamond cut from the Jonker retained the same name and was cut into an emerald-cut, D-colour diamond with 66 well proportioned faces. Later the same emerald cut diamond was re-cut to enhance its brilliance into 58 facets and now weighs 125.35 carats and is now one of the most perfectly cut diamonds and largest emerald-cut diamond in the world. Te largest Jonker diamond known as Jonker I was last sold at auction in 1977 to an anonymous buyer in Hong Kong for £1.5 million.