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Diamond Earrings Education

Learn all you need to know about diamond earrings and how to find the right style for you

Diamond Earrings

Dating back to early history, earrings were one of the very first accessories to be worn by our ancestors. They are an essential universal jewellery piece and the ideal gift for any woman. Earrings complement the wearers eye colour, radiate their face and upgrade any outfit. Earrings come in all styles, set with diamonds and gemstones and available in all sizes, making it easy buy a pair to make the perfect present.

Diamond Studs

Studs are easy to wear as they are small and securely closed behind the year and are less likely to tangle in clothing or hair. Diamond stud earrings make the perfect chic jewellery addition to polish any outfit. Stud earrings are eye-catching and yet discreet, hence you can buy them as a gift with confidence. Steven Stone offers a variety of stud earring styles in all precious metals, diamonds and precious gemstones.

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Diamond Studs

Hoop Earrings

Subtle or oversized, the versatile range of hoop earring designs makes them the universal piece to wear at all occasions. Suitable for everyday and formal wear, hoop earrings are a classic staple jewellery classic every jewellery box must have. For complete look, match large hoop earrings with bangle bracelets similar in design and thickness.

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