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Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Our diamonds are colour graded in GIA laboratories, compared to round brilliant diamonds called master stones. The clearer the diamond, the higher the value. The whitest, most desirable and highest rated colour grade is D. The diamond’s colour impact could be lowered or concealed by other features, such as clarity and fluorescence.

Round cut diamonds, also called round brilliant diamonds, reflect light extraordinarily well and are the most popular diamonds on the market, especially for engagement rings.


The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond ring shape and the most advanced cut in regards to light performance, proportions and symmetry and is referred to as the ideal cut or American Ideal cut. The cut was first invented in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky, who was a mathematician and gemologist.

The diamond has 58 facets and the best proportions and symmetry, maximising the fire and brilliance of the diamond. 33 of its facets are placed on the stone’s crown and the other 25 are located on the diamond pavilion.

Steven Stone recommends buying Round Brilliant cut diamonds with table percentage between 55 and 60% and depth between 59% and 62.5% of the stone’s total diameter.

From all diamond shapes, the round cut has the best fraction and sparkle. This allows more flexibility in the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of the stone.