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Our Diamonds

Since 1937, every Steven Stone engagement ring has exclusively featured GIA diamonds. Ensuring superior cut, colour, clarity & the most accurate carat weight in the industry

Why Buy Diamonds At Steven Stone

We demand the highest quality from every supplier we work with because we believe that our customers deserve the best. For this reason we choose to only sell GIA diamonds, as unlike other grading labs, GIA is a non-profit organisation and one of the most respected independent diamond grading laboratories. They are credited with developing the 4Cs grading system, creating a standard for other labs. Below are few other reasons we only work with GIA Diamonds.

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Diamond Education

We are industry specialists and a highly valued and reputable knowledge base on gemology and diamond set jewellery. In this section we include everything from the early history of diamonds to revealing our current techniques for creating fine, diamond and gem set jewellery and. We aim to provide our customers with unbiased and extensive information on all aspects of engagement rings and jewellery, to help you make your best purchase. Using only the finest alloys and GIA Certified diamonds and gemstones has always been the core of our customer satisfaction ideology.

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Diamond Gia

Conflict Free Diamonds

Over the past 80 years we have built relationships with the world’s leading diamond suppliers, ensuring only the best GIA Certificated Diamonds are available on our website. Part of this ethos is guaranteeing all of our diamonds are conflict free and every supplier adheres to the Kimberley Process. You can learn more about conflict free diamonds on our Diamond History page

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Diamond Gia

Certificate Comparison

Many companies offer their own diamond certificates, produced in-house by resident gemologists. While they will use the same grading scale as the GIA, an in-house certificate represents an opinion and is very much dependant on the skill of the grading gemologist. They can also be somewhat biased, as the company grading the diamond is also selling the stone, so it’s more likely to present it in the best light possible. The GIA does not sell diamonds and is the worldwide diamond authority. It created the grading scale which is the industry standard, and is widely regarded as the most stringent grading laboratory in the world.

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Diamond Education

The Gemological Institute of America established the diamond grading scale now accepted as a worldwide industry standard, and is widely regarded as the world authority on diamond grading. We are committed to delivering only the best quality, and the GIA is known to be the most stringent and highly respected diamond grading laboratory in the world – a GIA certificate means you can buy with total confidence.

GIA Certificate