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Learn why Rubies are such a popular choice for gemstone engagement rings and jewellery


Rubies are a very desirable gemstone due to their hardness and durability and come in a range of shades from red in rich dark nuances to pale pink reds.

Since Sapphires and Rubies both come from the mineral Corundum, Rubies are basically a red variety of Sapphires, but due to their historical significance and popular allure they have always remained an individual gemstone.

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How To Create The Perfect Gemstone Jewellery With Steven Stone

Rubies of all colour variations make an excellent choice for engagement rings, eternity rings and wedding rings. Our experts can source diamonds and gemstones of any shape, size and colour. Get in touch to discuss what ruby would be your best purchase for a bespoke piece of jewellery. Alternatively, browse our website to explore our gemstone jewellery collection and gemstone engagement rings.


Origin: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia and various other localities
Colour: Burnt Orange-Red to Purple
Species: Corundum
Hardness: 9 on Mohs Scale
Birthstone Month: July
Anniversary Year: 15th and 40th

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